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Property and Casualty Actuarial Consulting

American Actuarial LLC was started in 1997 by Mr. Bruce E. Ollodart, FCAS, MAAA to provide actuarial consulting services
to corporate and government clients. Our goal is to provide significant value through high quality service at a reasonable
cost.  Mr. Ollodart has over 35 years of actuarial experience and has been in the actuarial consulting business since 1991.   

American Actuarial provides a broad range of actuarial services. We specialize in property and casualty actuarial consulting
and service clients nationwide.  Whether you are an insurer, reinsurer, risk manager, regulator, self-insured entity,
government entity, business with self-insurance/large deductibles/retentions, or a legislative entity, we have the expertise
and experience to assist you with your actuarial needs. Following is a sample list of our property and casualty actuarial
service areas:

  • Evaluation of loss and expense reserves for unpaid liabilities
  • Expert testimony and litigation support
  • Evaluation of rate filings, rating plans, and profit sharing plans
  • Insurance, reinsurance, self-insurance program analysis
  • Risk management and alternative risk (for example, captive feasibility)
  • Risk based capital testing
  • Dynamic solvency and financial analysis
  • Reinsurance and finite risk transfer assessments
  • Environmental, asbestos and mass tort liability evaluation
  • Evaluation of uncollectible reinsurance reserves
  • Appraisal/valuation of insurance companies
  • Cash flow testing
  • Liquidation planning and support

For more information about specific services, please refer to the
Services section of this site.  Not all services provided by
American Actuarial are listed here.  If the services you are interested in are not listed, please
contact us regarding your needs.
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