Descriptions of Actuarial Services

Not all services provided by American Actuarial are listed here.  If the services you are interested in are not listed, please contact us
regarding your needs.

Dynamic solvency and financial analysis

Develop analytic models for your business to test the financial affects of changing business drivers such as premium
growth, rate levels, surplus levels, surplus allocation, asset class allocation, inflation rates, asset performance, reinsurance
retentions, and other factors.  These models are intended to provide management guidance in developing business plans
and strategy.

Reinsurance and finite risk transfer assessments

Estimate risk transfer inherent in a specified insurance, reinsurance, or finite insurance policy.  Utilized for financial
reporting purposes to meet requirements promulgated by insurance regulators and accounting guidelines (e.g., FASB 113).

Environmental, asbestos and mass tort liability evaluation

Estimate the ultimate cost of liabilities for asbestos, pollution, and other mass tort exposures using S-Curve estimation, an
actuarial application that Mr. Ollodart developed and published in a 1997 Casualty Actuarial Society paper,which is now
included in property and casualty educational requirements for actuaries.

Evaluation of uncollectible reinsurance reserves

Uncollectible reinsurance arises primarily from insolvencies, disputes, and regulatory rehabilitation. We review the
reasonability of uncollectible reinsurance reserves - review the facts regarding any disputed reinsurance claims, insolvent
reinsurers, reinsurers under regulatory supervision, estimates of the ultimate value or such claims, the adequacy of the
reinsurance collateral and other credits, probabilities of winning disputes, and other relevant factors to estimate an
adjustment for uncollectible reinsurance (bad debt).  Amounts already set aside by the Schedule F penalty are also
reviewed for credit purposes.  Mr. Ollodart developed a comprehensive foundation for such reviews in a 1999 Casualty
Actuarial Society call paper that is often referenced by reserve actuaries.

Evaluation of rate filings, rating plans, and dividend plans

Assist with the development or evaluation of insurance and/or reinsurance rates and rating plans.  Analysis of loss,
expense, investment earnings, premiums, trend, and exposures, are utilized to develop or review base rates, rating factors,
and classification rating schemes.  Rating plans reviewed include retro rating, experience rating, dividend, profit sharing,
large deductible, classification plans, and aggregate stop loss.  Reinsurance rating of quota share, excess of loss (working
layer and capacity treaty, facultative), and finite risk.

Appraisal/valuation of insurance companies

Perform detailed analysis of the value of insurance and/or reinsurance companies for acquisition, merger, divestiture, tax
and conversion purposes.  Actuarial valuations are based primarily on the discounted cash flow method in accordance with
Actuarial Standard of Practice No. 19, "Actuarial Appraisals".  Other valuation methods, including earnings multiples and
book value multiples may be included as benchmarks.

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