Descriptions of Actuarial Services

Not all services provided by American Actuarial are listed here.  If the services you are interested in are not listed, please contact us
regarding your needs.

Cash flow testing

This entails analyzing the amount of net cash that is generated based on modeling of business flows including premiums,
reserves, losses and expenses paid, surplus, taxes, and investment income.  Often used for matching assets and liabilities
and  planning investment strategies.

Liquidation planning and support

Assist regulators, liquidation managers, and others with actuarial matters regarding insurance and reinsurance companies
in receivership (e.g., liquidation, rehabilitation).  Estimating reserves, cash flow planning, reinsurance contract analysis,
collection analysis and expert testimony are examples of services we provide in this area.

Expert testimony and litigation support

Prepare actuarial reports for use in legal proceedings.  Provide expert witness testimony at legal proceedings and hearings
regarding rates, reserves, reinsurance, taxes and other disputed matters.  Assist legal counsel with preparing briefs,
depositions, and litigation strategy.  Evaluate other experts reports and testimony.  Provide expert interpretations of
actuarial technical terms and definitions.

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