Descriptions of Actuarial Services

Not all services provided by American Actuarial are listed here.  If the services you are interested in are not listed, please contact us
regarding your needs.

Evaluation of loss and expense reserves for unpaid liabilities

Unpaid liabilities for property and casualty coverages arise from insurance, reinsurance, self-insurance, large deductible
policies, high retention policies, and retrospective rating programs.  We collect and analyze client data relevant to the
emergence of such liabilities and estimate their ultimate values (cost when all liabilities are paid).  Point estimates and
reasonable ranges of estimation can be  provided.  Where applicable, we can include losses, loss expenses, premiums,
assessments, third party administration fees and other loss/claim sensitive amounts in the analysis and will estimate the
unpaid liability.  Such analyses form the basis for issuing loss reserve opinions and certifications where required.

Insurance, reinsurance and self-insurance program analysis

Review of retained risk including retentions and deductibles.  We analyze the risk bearing capability of the business and
provide quantitative analysis of the probability of exceeding budgeted retentions by certain amounts.  By modeling the
expected losses and variability of claims at a given retention, we quantify the probability of exceeding your corporate
budget or allocated surplus by a given dollar threshold.  This helps financial planners and risk managers to determine an
optimum retention level that minimizes insurance or reinsurance costs while also limiting the risk from individual large
losses and aggregate losses by year.  Such analysis can be performed separately by coverage and operating units to
optimize charge backs and also on a combined basis to maintain higher risk retentions at the consolidated level.

Risk management and alternative risk (e.g., self-insurance and captives)

We help you evaluate the net cost options for large deductible and retro plans by comparing the actual market costs to
expected costs based on company experience.  We provide comprehensive captive feasibility studies for company’s
contemplating the use of a captive.  We perform loss reserve and funding studies for an established captive. We provide
market and pricing analysis to expand a current captive’s offerings to third party business.  We provide independent
review of accrual estimates for self-insured retentions and deductibles and help you establish funding requirements for
subsequent years.  We assist you with developing an in-house accrual analysis system.  We develop loss estimates to be
used during insurance policy renewal to support your marketing efforts.

Risk based capital and IRIS testing

Perform or assist with risk based capital and IRIS computations utilizing the National Association of Insurance
Commissioner's  programs and methods. Provide help interpreting  the results.

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