Special Areas of Expertise

In addition to the broader areas of practice, Mr. Ollodart has experience in the following areas of specialization:

Workers' Compensation

Mr. Ollodart has extensive knowledge in the actuarial analysis of workers' compensation.  He began working in this
coverage as a pricing actuary at a major national workers' compensation insurer where he had responsibility for pricing
the coverage in all 50 states for several years.  Subsequently, he developed expertise in reinsurance pricing for workers'
compensation and then reserving for both primary and reinsurance workers' compensation coverage.  He has performed
hundreds of workers' compensation loss reserve reviews for insurers, reinsurers, regulators, and self-insured companies
(including large deductible, retro rated, and high retention policies).  He has worked with workers' compensation captives,
associations, and risk retention groups.  He has worked on reserves at  second injury funds, where some of the most
complex and difficult claims are administered.  If you have a workers' compensation issue that requires actuarial assistance,
American Actuarial has the experience and expertise to help you.

Tax Law

Mr. Ollodart has been active in reviewing and analyzing the impact of the 2017 Federal income tax law changes for
propertyand casualty insurance.  His work covers the main drivers in the tax law change as they impact pricing and

Mass Torts

Mr. Ollodart developed the S-Curve methodology for applications involving pollution, asbestos, and other mass torts (e.g.,
lead paint, breast implants, etc.).  The Casualty Actuarial Society (CAS) published his paper on the fundamentals of this
methodology in the CAS Forum, Winter 1997 edition and the paper has been included on the CAS examinations for several
years.  Mr. Ollodart has developed variations on the basic methodology that improves the analysis for excess exposures.  
He has a variety of references in this area.

Uncollectible Reinsurance (Bad Debts)

Mr. Ollodart researched and wrote a call paper for the Casualty Actuarial Society covering estimation techniques and the
various fundamental issues that must be addressed when analyzing uncollectible reinsurance reserves.  The Casualty
Actuarial Society published his paper on the fundamentals of this methodology in the Casualty Actuarial Society Forum,
Fall 1999 edition.  Mr. Ollodart has extensive experience in the estimation of these liabilities and represented a major
government entity reviewing liabilities in the area.

Title Insurance

Mr. Ollodart has developed expertise in the title insurance area, with emphasis on loss reserving and statutory financial
reporting.  Very few actuaries have significant experience with title insurance, which is a unique and often misunderstood
business.  Mr. Ollodart has received formal training in title search and procedures and has performed numerous loss
reserve reviews for or regarding title insurance since the early 1990's.


Mr. Ollodart has extensive reinsurance experience, including several years as a reinsurance pricing actuary, firm wide
reinsurance actuarial expert for a large accounting/consulting firm, and numerous reserve reviews of reinsurance
companies.  This experience is valuable for evaluating the rates, rating plans and reserves of a reinsurance company, when
evaluating risk transfer issues of a reinsurance or finite reinsurance contract, and reviews of primary insurance coverage.
that include significant amounts of excess and/or large deductible business.
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